Admission Policy

In a true spirit of democracy and fair deal and in order to discourage the possible culture of affluence and the image of elitism in the school.

The Management of the school, acting through the Principal, reserves the right of accepting or refusing any pupil, who seeks admission to the school. Any communication to the Principal either in writing or verbally before the declaration of the list of selected candidates will lead to disqualification for admission of the child

  •   The Management reserves to itself the right of admission to any prospective pupil.
  •    MLNs caters firstly for students for whom MLNs is the nearest Public School. Students for whom MLNs is not the nearest School must make adequate conveyance arrangement (School bus/ private conveyance) before applying for Admission
  •    Before a pupil can be considered for admission, the Performa/ form duly filled in and signed by both or one of the Parents must be deposited with the School. If neither of the Parents is alive or present, the lawful guardian of the child can sign the form.
  •    A child who has not attained the age of 5 years will not be admitted to class I.
  •    Admission to higher or lower classes will be done according to the CBSE criteria.
  •    A child who has previously studied in another Govt. recognized School will have to submit a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  •    Transfer certificate must be countersigned by the Education Officer of the District concerned.
  •    Municipal Birth certificate will have to be submitted for admission of a child who has not attended any Govt. recognized School previously.
  •    Special attention must be paid while entering the Name and Date of birth of the child. Subsequent changes in the date of birth or name will not be permitted.
  •    Record of Immunization must be duly filled in & produced in office when required.
  •    Admission is finalized after a preliminary ‘Application Skills Assessment’ and payment of the prescribed processing fee which, once paid, is not refundable.
  •    The Admission charges once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  •    The Caution Money is however refundable on withdrawal of a child after giving due notice or on completion of studies in the school.
  •    The original receipt is to be produced for the same.
  •    The School fee is increased annually by 15% to 20% as direct contribution to the running costs of the School and the maintenance and development of facilities.


  •    Whilst admitting students to class XI, the school will make a serious effort to advise students to take up streams suitable for them in or outside the school with personal counseling, aptitude tests etc. which are compulsory to all students.
  •    The admission, however will be barred to those students who, for serious reasons of breach of discipline or immoral conduct/ negligence of study/ poor attendance at school are a threat to general well being of other students.
  •    The decision of the School Principal in allotment of the stream to the students of class XI is final.
  •    Classes, (for students who have taken class X SA2 Examinations) are started before the results are declared. Provision stream allotment in class XI is entirely at the discretion of the Admission Committee. Final allotment of subject stream shall take place after the Board Results. Parents desiring their children to continue at this school are required to apply in a prescribed form. Parents, who do not submit the Admission formalities within the prescribed time (after the Board Result are declared) will forfeit their chance of claiming seats in class XI.

Classwise Minimum Age, Requirement for Admission

For Pre-Nursery Min 2 Years 6 Months
For Nursery Min 3 Years 6 Months
For K.G. Min 4 Years 6 Months
For I Min 5 Years 6 Months

  Admission Procedure

First Cycle of Admission Procedure
1st week of September Registration form & prospectus available from school office against cash payment.
2nd week of September Registration forms duly filled in, to be accepted at office against receipt giving inter-alia, date/time of interaction or test/interview, as the case may be
4th/5th week of September Notification of Admission list at the School Notice Board.
1st week of October Deposition of fee and other charges (in cash only) for new admission for New Session (Students who avail School Transport facility shall have to pay Transport harges in addition to above mentioned fee. No student will be allowed to discontinue the school bus till completion of the session. Transport charges will be increased if Govt., increases Diesel/Petrol or any other charges.

Second & Third cycle of Admission Procedure is carried out if seats are available.

NOTE ::: Parents seeking admission in November/ Transfer cases should feel free to make telephonic enquiry regarding availibity of seats.


  •    A child who has previously studied in another recognized School will have to submit a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  •    Transfer certificate must be countersigned by the Education Officer of the District concerned.
  •    Municipal Birth Certificate will have to be submitted for admission of a child who has not attended any recognized School previously.
  •    Immunization record
  •    Passport size photograph of Parents and Student


  •    Parents wanting to avail the School bus facility should give an application at the time of Admission itself.
  •    The bus fee is charged for full 12 months of the session.
  •    Discontinuation of the bus facility is not allowed during the Session.
  •    Bus fee can be increased as per the corresponding hike in the fuel prices (if any).


  •    Transport charges vary according to distance.
  •    Parents should ensure that the Class / Section and the Name of the student is duly entered on the reverse side of the cheques in order to avoid inconvenience.
  •    Fee cheques are to be made in favour of “Motilal Nehru Public School” only.
  •    The Fee is subject to revision at the discretion of the Management.
  •    Fee once paid is not refundable/not adjustable with other Accounts.
  •    Provision to make payments of the school and transport fee for the whole year in the first quarter also exists. For details, contact the SCHOOL OFFICE.


  •    SUMMER : From 8:00 am to 02:00 pm
  •    WINTER : From 8:30 am to 02: 30 pm