School Origin & History


All of us are concerned about diminishing moral values and the growing intolerance among communities, castes and groups that make up our great nation.

Literacy, while opening up the entire world to these sections may also alienate them from their basic cultural strengths. MLNs was started with the sole aim in mind to ensure that children recognize the strengths of their own ethos. . . and build up their life and character on those.

Education at MLNs relies almost exclusively on activity based learning and continuous & comprehensive evaluation. We are bothered about the declining awareness among the children about their own cultural backgrounds. We aim at the acquisition of aesthetic and cultural sensitivity of each child on the campus, which is successfully done by the excellent, thorough sensitization and training of all teachers. Thus, here at MLNs, both Summative and Formative aspects of the child’s personality are enhanced and groomed.

The school is affiliated with CBSE, Delhi and follows the 10 + 2 scheme. The curriculum has been designed keeping in view the age group of children in each class and their heterogeneous mental level. It attempts to promote the development of understanding of basics, sharpening of thinking abilities, experimenting and exploring this activity based curriculum is planned to help each child to enjoy his schooling and meet his individual potential.

The traditional emphasis laid on cramming, memorization and stuffing of children with knowledge has been totally dispensed with. Motilal Nehru Public School is a composite, Co-educational School, which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi upgraded upto Class XII with Science, Commerce & Humanities streams. It operates through the Managing Committee of Haryana Education Society, Jind. Besides achieving a high academic standard, we seek to create an open & Creative community where all students are valued and all are supported and challenged to be the best they can possibly be. Our community is based on honesty, integrity and responsibility borne out of mutual respect.


Since the school was opened there have been significant changes both in the local area & in terms of the School itself. The school has had a history of being significantly oversubscribed in that it attracts students not only from its closeby areas but also from far situated places.